a perfect fit

private residence - la jolla, ca

private residence - la jolla, ca

in the three years i’ve been at it with Surface in southern california i’ve been blessed to design and build for some incredible people, but this week marked the completion and installation of a project a year-and-a-half in the making for arguably the perfect client.  from the get-go the husband and wife team new what they wanted, and how to get it.  what they wanted was thoughtfully designed, and highly functional furniture/sculpture for their new Safdie Rabines home in la jolla, ca.  how they got it?  communication, trust, patience, and support; to allow me, their designer, to do what i do best with their intentions as my lens.

"piq" dining table

"piq" dining table

the outcome, alongside a stunning new home, specially commissioned artwork, and custom architectural metalwork, is a tailored ”piq” dining room table, bedside tables, and an “in&out” bioethanol fireplace arrangement that they couldn’t be more excited show and use.  i couldn’t be more excited either.  not just to be included in such a brilliant project, but to know that my clients are true patrons of the arts, that they support local (artists, designers, builders, and suppliers), and that they genuinely appreciate the work they have commissioned and received with joy and gratitude.

"in&out" ethanol fireplaces

"in&out" ethanol fireplaces

thank you, and those like you.

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  1. Beautiful project, Jamie!

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