press record.

my good friend and dj, Michael Murdoch (aka DJ Lurk), has been a literal soundwave of support emphasizing the importance, no, necessity of action and concrete output in life prompting me to “press record.”  in a lull?  press record.  designer’s block?  press record.  anything.  just do it without any preconceptions or expectations about the result(s).

i remind myself of this as a mantra, no matter my state of design, and put the pen to the paper.  what i find is that as i conceive, write, sketch, the ideas become fluid and dynamic, the process is organic, and the output is invariably solid .  my recent “recordings” have culminated into a new piece i call the Smith chair.

this first iteration of the Smith is an outdoor lounge chair of reclaimed, and milled doug fir wood beams composing the seat and back, and steel legs and back support.  there will be more material options available, and the single chair will soon be available as a set with an accompanying side table.  the Smith is debuting at the Forterre display at the San Diego Home and Garden Show this weekend at the San Diego Convention Center.

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