Surface has left the building (not the drawing board).

Surface has made many great strides so far this year including the biggest yet:  the jump away from fabrication to focus solely on design.  I’ve bid adieu to the beautiful space of the Glashaus and the tremendous people that accompany it to cultivate new opportunities to grow the business, and increase exposure to my work.

The last three years at the Glashaus has proven invaluable.  Never could I have imagined a better place to launch a design/fab studio, and I am grateful to the fellow artist residents and friends that I have worked with and learned from along the way.  Thank you, Greg Brotherton and Matt Devine for creating this space.

As I resource new and familiar makers for the production of my designs I will continue to prototype and test every piece that leaves my sketchbook to ensure that the level of craftsmanship and durability is maintained.  Watch for new lines of furniture and home wares as these relationships allow for more fabrication options, and facilitate a greater understanding  of how I can better design for you.

Please continue to follow me and my work.  I’ll keep you informed of all of the new designs, retailers, and news as Surface forges ahead.

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